Meet the Team

Trident Sports is powered by a team of exceptional people. Every team member is passionate and exceptionally knowledgeable, not only about their roles within the company, but also the sports and product lines we choose to represent.

Declan Sacré
Co-Owner & SUP Category Manager

(866) 929-9626
- 934

Hi, I’m Declan and I am a co-owner of Trident Sports.

Trident’s other owner, Ken, and I partnered to form Trident Sports in 1997 because of a mutual desire to ride the latest and best gear, while building a business around our passion for action sports.

The past 20 years have been an amazing journey that has put us at the forefront of windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain and electric cycling, standup paddleboarding(SUP), and most recently, foiling action sports.

While my passion started around the products we sold, it has evolved to be as much about the business and being the best in our field. I am very fortunate to work with an amazing team of people who believe in having fun, while reaching each day to do our best. As Confucius said: Choose a job you love, and never have to work a day in your life”.

Ken Stobbart
Co-Owner & CFO

(866) 929-9626
- 925

It’s all about the ride.

We started Trident Sports so that we could ride the best high performance gear available for the most epic experiences – simple.

We have been so fortunate to work with some fantastic people along the way who share the same passion.

Things have grown over the years and we have seen a lot of changes but one thing remains the same – it’s still all about the ride!

Dalen Stanley

(866) 929-9626
- 930

Hi, I’m Dalen and I manage our customer service department as well as the development of our B2B and B2C websites.

I have been a part of the Trident team since 2002 when I first came on board in the Shipping and Receiving department.

Quickly I moved up the ladder to run the Trident Bike Division for 10 years before Trident decided to put a greater focus on our water sports brands a which time I moved into my current role.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, mountain biking, music, cooking and taking my dog Tucker for hikes.

John Rainnie
Sales Manager for North America

(866) 929-9626
- 942

Hey, I’m John, the new guy; Thrilled to take on the role of Sales Manager for North America.

Like a hockey player who eventually plays for the city he grew up in, I feel very at home here. My passion for Windsurfing opened doors to this industry, and it feels like a full circle going back to my roots.

It all started with a love for boardsports. I debuted as an in-house rep, progressed to running a busy agency, moved on to management within a large public company, and now I’m a distributor! Outside of work, I enjoy life with 3 kids, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, hockey, and yes, Scrabble.

I absolutely love what the brands we represent strive for: “Decrease our negative impact significantly year by year – and inspire everyone to become more useful passengers on the spaceship Planet Earth”.

Jana Hricova
Accounts Payable & Bookkeeper

(866) 929-9626
- 936

I’m Jana, and I have worked at Trident for over 13 years.

When I am not at work I enjoy latin music, hanging out with friends and cooking for my friends and family.

I love being a part of Trident’s awesome team!

Vicki Somerville
Supply Chain Coordinator

(866) 929-9626
- 924

Hi I am Vicki, and I am the supply chain coordinator at Trident Sports. This job is great for me as I am organized and love a diverse group of fun individuals. I am really great at making sure our high performance products arrive on time from our various vendors around the world.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and genealogy. I have been at Trident for 5 years.

Jamie Uttley
Marketing Coordinator & Sales

(866) 929-9626
- 935

I’m Jamie and I am the Marketing Coordinator at Trident Sports. I also work in sales, and customer service. I’ll do pretty much anything around here! I love working at Trident Sports!

Before I worked at Trident, I worked in the beauty industry as a hair stylist. After a couple years of nothing but celebrity gossip and first world problems, I realized I needed to move on to a more positive and stoked environment.

I sought refuge in a small kiteboarding/windsurfing town in Baja, Mexico which subsequently led to my interest in the sports industry. I am so thankful I did, as now I get to work with a dynamic team of like-minded, fun loving individuals who I not only call my co workers, but I call my friends! When I am not at work, I am chilling with my dog Rico or ~casually~ SUPing in Indian Arm, Tofino or Baja.

Alex Hall

(866) 929-9626
- 939

Hi I’m Alex, and I work in accounting here at Trident Sports.

I moved to Vancouver after finishing my degree back in California, and it’s great to be a member of such a passionate, friendly team and to work with some excellent dealers every day.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking, biking, playing the bass, and recently SUPing, so British Columbia’s a perfect place for me to find some good hiking trails, and Trident’s a perfect place for me to get into some fun new sports with some great people.

Tony Weaver
Sales Rep

(704) 607-9328

My name is Tony and I manage sales in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern USA.

My early years didn’t include much ocean time that I so greatly enjoyed, but instead playing baseball where I was fortunate to participate in 3 World Series at different levels.

I feel very fortunate that my career path brought me to Trident Sports and back to the water. I am now able to enjoy some of the best toys on the market anytime I want, whether it’s SUP racing, surfing, or even foiling. High Performance, epic experience is not just a company tagline, it’s a lifestyle!

Sam Medysky
Kiteboard Category Manager, North America

(866) 929-9626
- 937

Derek Gyomorey
Customer Service

(866) 929-9626
- 952

Ludwig Coleman
Customer Service

(866) 929-9626
- 938

Hear it from our dealers...

  • Trident Sports has always gone above and beyond for me and all of my waterman friends. I have witnessed their giving attitude towards their dealers and the everyday customer. After sales support would be 10 stars if there was a rating!!

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