Our Story

Since 1995, we at Trident Performance Sports have strived to provide quality products at great price points coupled with the best in Customer Service through our greatest resource – our people. All of us are active in one or more of the sporting worlds we supply; be it windsurfing, kiteboarding, stand up paddleboarding or cycling, we know life is all about having a good time and bringing these experiences to the people around us in a manner that is dynamic and exciting.

In our 20 years in the business, we’ve come across some of the coolest folks from all corners of the world who’ve shared with us, and we’re happy to have a hand in bringing professional, friendly support to them anytime, anywhere.

Based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, we’re lucky to be in an excellent central hub to the general sporting world. We’re just a quick shipment away from all our friends and partners with a whole array of local spots for up-to-the-minute product testing and research in our own back yard. We believe in the products we sell and put them through their paces every chance we can get. Our customers can rest assured that with Trident Performance Sports, the experience comes first!

Hear it from our dealers...

  • Trident Sports has always gone above and beyond for me and all of my waterman friends. I have witnessed their giving attitude towards their dealers and the everyday customer. After sales support would be 10 stars if there was a rating!!

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