World’s leading water sport brand covering standup paddling, windsurf & fashion.

Starboard, the largest windsurfing company in the world, priding itself on innovation and quality and breaking boundaries in windsurfing since 1994.

In SUP, Starboard has naturally evolved to become the industry benchmark and sets the standard in innovation and quality years ahead of the competition. Starboard has the most comprehensive range of stand up paddle boards that have also become the most popular and best selling composite and inflatable sup boards in the market.”

The Starboard Story

It all started with the idea of making better boards while enjoying windsurfing for a life time.

Since 1994 Starboard set the trend in windsurfing and well over 1,000 different boards shapes have been under my feet since I first stepped on a board in 1978. The last few years of foiling re-ignited our light wind days here in Thailand and is as exciting as to experience planing for the first time.

So the future is here and in addition to making the best boards built in benchmark technologies we need to take a closer look at the oceans and how we can help them stay alive.

Fast Facts about Starboard

  • #1 volume manufacturer of performance SUP boards in the world
  • Winningest SUP race board brand of all time
  • The Starboard design center is located at Colorful Lake Taco, Thailand

Hear it from our dealers...

  • Trident Sports has always gone above and beyond for me and all of my waterman friends. I have witnessed their giving attitude towards their dealers and the everyday customer. After sales support would be 10 stars if there was a rating!!

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