Impeccably designed, stylish electric bicycles for the next generation.

Fossil Fuel Industry has taken advantage of humanity for decades and been in the forefront of the biggest conflict in mankind´s history. Our dependence on it converted us into slaves and pushed all industries and political parties to steer us toward a world which we are ashamed to leave to our children. It´s time to break the chains. Feel the freedom of alternative commuting!
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The Rayvolt Story

The Rayvolt Philosophy is to promote alternative transportation by offering our customers a clean, high tech and stylish way to commute.

The name comes from the Sun Ray and the electrical unit Volt and put together sounds like its homonym “Revolt”. The Sunray, the Voltage and the Revolt are the fundamentals behind our brand.

Join the Rayvolution!

Fast Facts about Rayvolt

  • Based in Barcelona, where the team fully does tall R&D
  • The name comes from the Sun´s Ray and the electrical unit Volt and put together sounds like its homonym "Revolt"
  • Our products are clean in every way from the manufacturing process using 100% solar energy to build the bikes and banning all polluting materials such as PVC
  • We use Lithium on all our batteries as it is the best clean energy available today for performance application. Lithium is a natural resource that is 100% recyclable.

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  • Trident Sports has always gone above and beyond for me and all of my waterman friends. I have witnessed their giving attitude towards their dealers and the everyday customer. After sales support would be 10 stars if there was a rating!!

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