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Surf-SUP Hits Kalamalka Lake – Vernon BC!

The team from Surf-SUP including Stuart and Andrew Robinson, Diana Newson, Shawna Buchanon &Eric Raume had an awesome weekend in the Okanagon. The Kalavida Classic, an open invitation SUP festival hosted on Kalamalka Lake by Kalavida Surf Shop was rad.

A long drive up on friday night landed the team in Vernon around midnight. Rushing to sleep everyone was eager for the race in the morning. The race course was set on the beautiful lake for the first short distance race. The realization of this being a 12.6 or under class caused some serious issues for Andrew, a last minute switch landed him racing on Stuarts 12.3 starboard instead of his usual 14 footer. Coming in hot against some fierce competition including Norm Hann of the STANDUP4GREATBEAR project, Stuart placed 2nd in this awesome 4 mile race. A heavy race lead to some down time in preparation for the afternoons knock out sprint course. 100 Meter sprints in heats of 4 made for a hilarious action packed afternoon. With the option of going either way around the buoy in the short course it brought on some pretty intense moments in and around the buoyʼs. “What happens behind the buoy stays behind the buoy.” After the first knock out round Diana landed herself a spot in the womenʼs finals where in the end her fait found her in 4th. 5 races later Stuart landed himself a spot in the mens final, where he went right, everyone else went left.This confusion method seemed to work quite well over the 5 races however in the end he found himself in 3rd for the knock out sprints. After a long day the crew headed over to the log cabin where Kalavida Surf Shop hosted a wicked dinner and awards ceremony including the movie premier for the STANDUP4GREATBEAR project.

Knowing what was ahead of them the team turned in early to prepare for their 10 mile fait in the morning. Sunday morning conditions were awesome the clouds were covering the sun just enough to keep us cool and we were granted the wind that we were all hoping for. A pre race meeting and a team cheer including the mantra for our soar bodies “were 23 not 90” lead to the start of the race. A mass start against some serious chop around a buoy and through a tunnel began what was the start of a 10 mile crossing of what has been voted one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada. This race was the final stab at the title for King or Queen of Kalamalka Lake for the weekend. 10 brutally flat miles later, a run in with a stick for an unnamed team mate, a serious comeback and a few hallucinations later we all finished what was the one of the longest paddles of the season so far. A tight battle for king of the lake, mear points dividing the top three competitors landed stuart in 3rd overall for the weekend.

An awesome weekend for everyone, wicked people,some serious competition, a rude awakening for some and over all an awesome first trip of the season for the Surf-SUP crew. Next up for surf-SUP is the 3rd race of the Island Series in Parksville on July 10th at the beach club resort. For more information check out or

Paddle Hard Paddle Often!
written by: Diana Newson

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