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Starboard Windsurf

As a market leader, we are at times asked to keep the same board shapes for 2 or 3 seasons to simplify or stabilize the market. Every year we take great pleasure in challenging that opinion, and prove that a well developed and tested change is a good for windsurfers.

Sometimes we start driving to the beach at 5 a.m. and are set for sailing well before the sunrises over the bay of Siam. Our inspiration from sailing and drive to discover new developments, creates motivation and energy to allow us to continue into the late hours to service Starboard sailors all over the world from our office at Lake Taco.

Starboard continues to break barriers in technology and performance. This has lead to numerous achievements including: the new overall speed world record for sailing crafts at 49.09 knots, the two first places in the PWA slalom circuit, the Raceboard title and 18 of the top 20 places in the Formula Worlds. Additionally, The PWA Constructor’s Championship sums up the results of a tremendous overall performance advantage in waves and in freestyle as well!

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