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Severne Windsurf

Severne’s unique focus is on rig ergonomics. By analyzing the overall effect the sail’s geometry has on the sailor, we’re able to build sails that are more comfortable to use in a wider range of conditions.

Technically, this is achieved by analyzing the following points:

  • Placement of the center of effort in the rig
  • Rake angles
  • Pitch
  • Sheeting angles

Once these elements are analyzed and adjusted, Serverne delivers the most comfortable stance possible for each design.

Severne also focuses on developing a larger “sweet spot” (area of sailing trim) where the rig performs more efficiently. This translates into rigs that are significantly more predictable, allowing the sailor to easily respond to changing wind and water conditions.

For more information on Severne Windsurfing sails and equipment, check out the website!


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