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Brian Miller

NAME:  Brian Miller

AGE: 39 (not quite as old as Tybo)

LOCATION:   St. Augustine, FL

RIDING DISCIPLINE(S):  Strapless Surfboard

A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: I grew up on the water on Cape Cod. Windsurfed for 11 years then took a break for several years. When I came back I moved over to kiteboarding and a new addiction was created. I’m almost always riding in the ocean so the surfboard just makes sense to me.

FAVORITE PLACES TO RIDE:  Anywhere there are waves and some wind. I like to adapt to whatever conditions there are and make the most of it.

GOALS FOR 2012:  Ride new spots!

LIST ADDITIONAL PERSONAL SPONSORS: Ocean Extreme Sports, Cobian, Anarchy Sunglasses

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