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Blake Daniels

   Blake Daniels

AGE: 30

LOCATION:  Lake Geneva, WI

RIDING DISCIPLINE(S): Ultimate Freestyle, I live for skim, surf, wake and anything strapless! Don’t get me wrong I love a good twin tip strap session to.

A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a DJ in my free time and enjoy my animals at home. I currently work in the food industry so I am always up for a good meal and glass of wine. A also love any sport involving a board of some kind. I know one thing I can’t survive unless I am near a body of water!

FAVORITE PLACES TO RIDE: Madison, WI and Lake Michigan everywhere!

GOALS FOR 2012: Get as many more of friends, family or interested parties onboard with kiteboarding through Airush! More people to ride with the better in my opinion!

LIST ADDITIONAL PERSONAL SPONSORS: Gorge Performance OR, Meridian Graphics Rockford IL, EVS Janesville WI, Shallow Dive Design

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