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Jay Josling

NAME:  Jay Josling 

AGE:  33

LOCATION:  Whistler, BC 

 RIDING DISCIPLINE(S):  Downhill, Freeride

A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF:  I was born and raised in Ontario and I’ve been riding since I was like three!! Haha. I moved to Whistler in 2002 and started riding downhill and getting involved with the Whistler Bike Park. I live and work in Whistler full time, grooming trails in summertime and grooming park in the wintertime, being a bike/ski bum in my spare time, all the time. I love my Dorado/Legend MkII setup, YAY!!!

FAVORITE TRAILS, PLACES TO RIDE:  Everything on Whistler, everything in Pemberton.

GOALS FOR 2012:  My goals are to get loose, learn to scrub better, go fast and have fun!

ADDITIONAL PERSONAL SPONSORS:  Whistler Bike Park, Answer Products, Alpinestars

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