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Cheryl Moore

NAME: Cheryl Moore

AGE: 31

LOCATION: Coquitlam, BC

RIDING DISCIPLINE(S): Downhill / All mountain

A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF:  I currently work for the City of Vancouver in the Sewer Design department as an Engineering Technician.  The 2012 season will be my 3rd season racing downhill. I have always had a bike but it’s been the last 5 years where riding has become more of a life style.

FAVOURITE TRAILS, PLACES TO RIDE:  I have had the opportunity to ride in places all over BC, picking a favourite is pretty difficult. So many area’s have different styles and terrain that are all awesome. I spend a lot of time riding trails local to me but if I had to narrow down one place to ride it would have to be the Sunshine Coast area. There’s a bit of everything and it cover’s everything I like about riding and it’s fun to rip shuttles on a DH bike or longer xc rides. 

GOALS FOR 2012:  My goals for 2012 are to ride harder, faster and stronger than in 2011. I am putting more effort into training this season and hope it will show in my riding. That aside my main goal is to always have fun. If i can accomplish this and progress at the same time then I have achieving my goal.


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