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Shannon Bell

Shannon Bell

Vancouver, BC


Shannon Bell lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada and is a World Class Stand-Up-Paddleboarder and all around waterwomen. Her sporting background includes competitive swimming, lifeguard competitions, prone paddle boarding,surfski paddling,outrigger canoe paddling and surfing.  Her hard work and dedication to competitive swimming landed her a full scholarship at the University of Hawaii where her love for the ocean and aquatic sports were ignited. Shannon is also a trained and certified Stand-Up-Paddleboard instructor, First Aid/CPR instructor, lifeguard, and Mother of two young boys. She also is helping organize the biggest SUP race in Vancouver,BC called the Vancouver SUP Challenge and is leading the way for Canadian SUP female athletes. 

Career Highlights:

  • 2015 Maui Jim Oceanfest (SUP, Swim, Prone, Outrigger, surfski, beach run) – 2nd Place in the Waterwoman and 3rd Overall after 10 ocean events
  • 2015 Carolina Cup –  Top 10
  • 2014 Battle of the Bay – 1st woman in Distance and Technical
  • 2014 Northern Californian SUP – Champion
  • 2014 Vancouver Sup Challenge – 1st in Distance, Technical and Sprints
  • 2014 Round the Rock  – Overall (Men & Women) 12’6 Champion
  • 2014 Battle of the Paddle – 6th Overall Distance Race

Starboard Race 12’6, Starboard Sprint 14’, Starboard High Aspect Paddle

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