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Pat Dermody

Pat DermodyHOME:

Neptune, New Jersey


OG, Asbury Park, Loch A


25 years surfing, SUP last 3 years. The ESA SUP Champ for 2012.


Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, México, Barbados, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, & the US


I grew up surfing Long Branch thru Asbury Park, NJ  all year round, every year.  A cold water specialist, I find myself actually looking forward to New Jersey winters with good waves and no crowds.  I started stand up paddling for small days but quickly realized I could ride really big waves and that the rides were twice as long.  I also found I could actually surf twice as much.  Last year I surfed over 150 days. Now I pretty much only ride stand up.

I really like bringing short board maneuvers to Stand Up Paddling and like to ride all sizes and types of waves, from boat wakes to big reef breaks.  I am also an avid skateboarder and accomplished snowboarder, this translates into not really being a cruiser type surfer.  I like to rip waves and see what actually can be done on a SUP  board, always trying new maneuvers with some success and failures – but always trying new stuff.  I am really into riding different  shaped boards  and odd shapes,  always looking to try a new shape or short SUP. I’m  trying hard to portray SUP in a good light by always being respectful and helping others learn, not being too greedy and being respectful of other surfers. My other hobbies include traveling, taking care of my pets, painting, and paddling flat water with my wife.


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