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Troy Schafer

NAME:  Troy Schafer

AGE: 43

LOCATION:   Maui, Hawaii

 RIDING DISCIPLINE(S): strapless unhooked waves, freestyle, free ride and wake skate

A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m an adventurer.  I like to explore and figure things out.  Kite boarding is a main focus life.  If I’m lucky I can kite around 300 days a year.  I’ve been teaching kite boarding for 9 years.  Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are other passions. 

FAVORITE PLACES TO RIDE:  Smuggler’s Cove and a secret place on the South Side

GOALS FOR 2012:   My goal is to bring good things my way, keep happy and enjoy each day.  Also, I would like to help design and test kite gear. 

LIST ADDITIONAL PERSONAL SPONSORS: Wainman Kite boarding Hawaii, Kailolo, Hawaii

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