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Airush Kiteboard

Airush was born on Maui in 1999 as the World’s first kiteboarding accessory maker and shortly thereafter, they introduced many of the board technologies and designs that are the forefathers of today’s kiteboards.

With the launch of inflatable kites in 2002, Airush quickly became one of the most trusted names in the sport.  Airush is rooted in a philosophy of high quality through technical advantage based on the on the principles of innovation, refinement and progression. Now based in Western Australia, Airush has assembled the highest quality athletes, design, and product development team and is excited to continue to create the history of our sport.

Throughout the line up of boards and kite, Airush embraces riders’ wide variety of preferences and styles to create an innovative product offering that embodies the sport today while progressing forward offering products for where the sport will be tomorrow.

The Converse and Chop Top surf line cover the wave junkie’s every need and our Switch, FS and Expact freestyle and freeride boards are on the cutting edge of performance and come with a two year warranty!

Headlining for the kites are the Flow FT and the Vapour III, a versatile performer that merges improved unhooked performance and heightened boosting characteristics perfect for aggressive freeride and freestyle riding.

For more information on Airush Kiteboarding, visit the website!

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