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  1. 2014 Airush Surf Series: Tales of Stoke – Maui Edition

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    Airush team riders Bear Karry, Reider Decker and Terence Seaman travel to Maui looking for the best conditions to shred during the winter break.

    This trip to the mecca of wind and waves is what the stoke is all about.

    Check out the Airush Surf Series at
    Airush Cypher –
    Airush Compact –
    Airush Converse –
    Airush Wave –

    Camera: Diogo Cardoso / Nate Volk
    Editing: Diogo Cardoso
    cebe – 363 express
    professor kliq – most beautiful day
    solaris – echoes
    anitek – grandmaster turtle

  2. Features on the Brand New Prolimit Harnesses

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    The slide in bar pad system is unique in our industry, it is a Prolimit innovation in kiteboarding harnesses. The bar pad slides into the body of the harness and locks the spreader bar into place. This stops the spreader bar and the bar pad from rotating and riding up into the stomach.

  3. Vote for Airush

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    We need your help to let know AIRUSH has the best riders and products on the market.  As the 2013 season is now over, magazines are starting to release their “best of 2013” polls.

    Please vote for Airush in the following three polls at!


  4. Congratulations to Alex Pastor – 2013 PKRA Champion

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    Airush team rider Alex Pastor has clinched the PKRA Championship for 2013!

    “After three years of trying to win the title and working so hard, it is great to win and it will be something that I will remember the rest of my life.  To win when the level is this high with so many top riders like Youri, Aaron, Marc, Liam, Christophe and more is incredible. I can now start preparing for next year”-Alex Pastor

    More to come as details become available!

  5. Maui Mike joins Airush!

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    Mike Lujan has been a fixture in the kiteboarding community at Sherman Island, CA since 2000. Over the years he has earned the nickname “Maui Mike” due to his overwhelming aloha spirit and his frequent trips to the island. If you have ever eaten bbq at Sherman, there’s a good chance Mike cooked it up for you! We are proud to announce the addition of Mike Lujan to the Airush Family. Mike will have a full quiver of 2012 Airush kites and boards available this spring and summer for demos. He will be based in Sherman this summer with travel to many points in California, Texas and, Hawaii. Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself if you see him at your local beach and try out some of his toys.


  6. Airush Introduces the Sector V3

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    All Photos by Toby Bromwich

    The next evolution of the original widebody, Airush introduces the Sector V3. Whether carving, cruising or racing, there’s a Sector that fits your world.

    The V3 series has been entirely redesigned based on the feedback of existing and potential Sector riders to meet the wants and needs of the new generation of rider demanding versatility in the Sector.

    Staying in the fleet is the Sector V3 60 as the benchmark of the newest Sector V3 66 and the updated Sector V3 54 with also major changes in the boards deck shape, fin positions and options, and tail design.

    With the development of new lightwind experiences and the emergence of the carving category, the Airush R&D team spent numerous hours designing a concept called the Progressive Ride Configuration to maximize the capabilities of each board.

    What is the Progressive Ride Configuration?

    The Sectors feature a unique system where all sizes have a cohesive feel but become more maneuver oriented in the smaller sizes, and more light wind and racing oriented in the bigger sizes. Each board is offered with an optimized fin set for its primary use, and with the option to change the fin sets to vary the key performance characteristics.


    Sector V3 54

    Introducing the ultimate carving machine, the Sector 54 draws the perfect line between blistering straightline speed and eyeball popping turning.  There narrower design is perfect for flat water carving and blasting, high speed slalom, and optimal lightwind performance for lighter riders.

    The new stepped combination tail has a unique design that blends mauverability and stability at high speeds.

    The Sector v3 54 features a stock fin option ready for carving.

    The optional race fin set is ideal for maximum stability and tactical upwind riding perfect for slalom.


    Sector V3 60

    The design team set out to make a board that was both faster and easier to turn than the legendary Sector 60 V2.  As the original widebody concept, the Sector V3 60 is ideal for lightwind freerace and freeride, all round slalom and carving and cruising.

    The new stepped combination tail has a unique design that blends mauverability and stability at high speeds.

    The stock quad fin set found on the Sector V3 60 is optimal for lightwind comfort and cruising.

    An updated single back fin made available for increased maneuverability for riders looking for a looser feeling board.

    The optional tri fin carver set (Tuttle Box) is ideal for the most maneuverable ride.

    Sector V3 66

    The Sector 66 takes the light-wind aspects of the Sector to another level, with the race inspired Tri fin configuration for efficiency and Sector shape fundamental for perfect ease of use.  The largest in the range, the Sector V3 66 was made for heavier riders looking for the ultimate freerace and slalom shape or medium weight riders lookings for the earliest planning board possible.

    For a more race inspired design, the Sector V3 66 features a stepped squash tail for increased control in light or heavier winds.

    The standard tri fin configuration is perfect for a blend of speed, maneuverability, and efficiency.

    The quad set has been designed to increase speed and upwind ability.

  7. Alex Pastor wins 2011 PKRA New Caledonia!

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    An amazing display of athleticism during this event when Alex Pastor grabbed 1st place on the last event.  Alex feeling extremely comfortable in the best conditions that the tour has to offer, this event was the location where Alex won his first 1st place event in 2009 before signing with Airush.  Speaking with Alex just afterwards, he said even though he had a bad start with delayed flights (almost not making it to the event), it was all worth it in the end.  Time to party Pastor, bring on 2012!

    Finals Pastor vs Jacobs:

  8. Airush Announces 2012 International and Pro Team

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    Airush introduces the 2012 team with new signings, including 2009 Woman’s World Champion and 3 x Triple-S Winner Bruna Kajiya, along with Wave Kingpin, Ian Glaza from Brazil. Also moving into the Pro Team is rookie Sensation, John Perry from the USA, and 15-year-old South Africa Tour Champion, Oswald Smith.

    Airush continues to focus on supporting kiteboarding in Freestyle, Wave and Racing with one of the most accomplished teams in the industry.


    Heading up the Freestyle Team for the New Year is Alex Pastor, fresh from his PKRA win in New Caledonia and his 2nd Vice World Champion Title.  Alex comments about the upcoming year;

    “I am extremely stoked to be on the Airush team for another year! I really connected with the brand because they make sure we always have the most cutting edge equipment and that benefits us significantly. The entire team is constantly focused on where we can improve, from the riders to the designers.”

    Bruna Kajiya will be on a quest to regain her PKRA title.  With the new judging format and Airush products to suit her powerful style and aggressive riding, she will be well prepared for the competition season.  Bruna will also be fully focused on raising the bar for womens’ riding continually during events like the Real Triple S and Hood River Ro-Sham-Throw-Down.

    I’m very exited to join the Airush team, nothing is more important for a rider than to be on the best gear possible and have a team that’s always working to help with the rider’s performance. I’m looking forward to this coming season, I believe great things will come out of this new combination!”

    Bringing his explosive riding and positive antics to the team for another year is Dutchman Bas Koole. His focus on developing the Freeride elements of pro riding is evident in his extensive video and photo coverage in 2011.



    With strapless innovator Bear Karry from the USA, joined by Ian Glaza From Brazil and Ozzie Smith from South Africa, the stage is set for an international showdown of riding style and progressive influences.

    Being passionate about surf, Brand Manager and designer Clinton Filen highlights some of the philosophy that is evident in the makeup of the wave team for 2012.  “California, Brazil and South Africa are so different, which reflects the different styles of our team and their equipment. Being a rider driven and product-focused company requires a unique approach towards the team, riders are closely involved with development of many key products and are not simply the image of the brand. Ultimately this really helps to ensure that the products are versatile and work for our customers in different countries.”




    With Rolf van der Vlugt taking the reigns in designing the Monaro Race board and supporting Mark Pattison in the Race kite development, his combined racing and engineering skills give a unique perspective and edge to the race products.

    Supporting him on the testing and development is 2011 World Champion, Katja Rose and South Africa Racing Champion Oswald Smith. With the team meeting in Cape Town, South Africa working directly with the board and kite developers in conjunction with IKA Rules for 2012.  Katja Roose highlights the focus from the team – “Everything we learnt about the 2011 racing season we put in the development of the VXR and the new Monaro. So the equipment is ready, Airush is ready and I am more than ready to get more victories in 2012!”

    Marketing and Team Manager, Marc Schmid, expresses his excitement for the 2012 team.

    “This year is a milestone for Airush.   For 2012, I feel we have one of the most complete teams in the industry.  Bruna, JP, Ian and Ozzie will not only bring more of a family cohesiveness to the Airush team but also help a lot on product development working with our board designer, Clinton Filen and kite designer, Mark Pattison.   We definitely feel our equipment gets better and better every year with the help from our team and this year is no exception.”


    International Team

    The International Team is taken from key top national riders from each country representing the brand at an international riding level.   For 2012 Airush introduce the International Team Riders with some new faces:

    Ines Correia –Portugal- 2011 KSP Wave World Champion

    Andrey Salnik – Ukraine– 2011 Russia Vice Freestyle Champion + 4x Ukraine Freestyle Champion
    Asia Litwin – Poland – Womens Freestyle PKRA World Tour
    Jo Ciastula – Spain – Airush International Brand Representative
    Simon Witchermann – Australia – 2011 Australian Nationals
    Vincenzo Bigione –Italy- Airush International Brand Representative

    Augusto Garcia – Spain – Airush International Racer
    Damo Gough –Australia- Airush International Racer
    Mark Foraster –Spain- Airush International Racer

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  • Trident Sports has always gone above and beyond for me and all of my waterman friends. I have witnessed their giving attitude towards their dealers and the everyday customer. After sales support would be 10 stars if there was a rating!!

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