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Seb O'Neill

NAME: Sébastien C. O’Neill

AGE: 29

LOCATION: Montreal, QC

RIDING DISCIPLINE(S): Slalom, 4x, Super D, All around trail riding/shredding

A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF : I’ve been riding for about 20 years. Started with my dad on the now famous Mont-Sainte-Anne trails in Québec City in the beginning of the 90′s with a full rigid department store bike. Graduated to a Fisher Hoo-Koo-E-Koo with a temperamental Rock Shox Quadra elastomer fork and semi-functional cantilever brakes. Started racing XC on that bike around 1995, and soon, I got hooked on the gravity side of mountain biking (DH/Slalom). My first full DH season was with a 1st generation Kona Stab armed with V-Brakes and a gigantic saddle. Couple years after, I packed an old van with my good buddy and we ended up spending 3 full summers (02-03-04) in the Whistler bike park. I’ve also been known to take part in a couple of cyclocross races come autumn. 

Apart from biking, I’m a Ph.D. student at the University of Ottawa, studying the links between sports, physical activity, cycling and society. I also work for the government of Québec as a researcher in the health promotion field. Finally, I’m the proud dad of  a 10 month old boy, Mathias, who’s already riding mini push bike! 

 Notable feats:

 - 2nd at the 2010 4x Nationals (pro elite)

- 8th at the 2010 RanchStyle pro Dual Slalom, Colorado

- 2nd at the 2003 DH Nationals (sport class)

- 1st at the 1999 DH Championships (junior class)

- Breaking a GT DHI rear triangle in more than 10 places in one summer in Whistler (while getting it rewelded twice…)

- Tacoing both wheels while cartwheeling down the hill in my 1st DH race in 1998 on a XC Specialized bike with a 120mm stem and a Ned Overend pro model 620mm handlebar. 

FAVOURITE TRAILS, PLACES TO RIDE: Colorado, BC, Dirt Merchant, Kingdom Trails and Burke mountain (Vermont), Mount-Murray, Bromont, Mont-Sainte-Anne, anywhere with flow and good vibes! 

GOALS FOR 2012 : As 4x is phasing out from the North-American racing scene, I plan on entering more Super D races as well as the occasional slalom race when they do actually show up. I also plan to podium a couple of races in the Québec provincial BMX series where I ride my mtb in the cruiser class.

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