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Gamut – Gamut USA was inspired by information supplied by riders. As a result, this information was used to develop chain-retention solutions. When we asked the question “What does a rider need and want in a race guide?” we realized that when solving the basic need of chain retention, less is more. Let’s face it – keeping a chain on a bike is not rocket science, and we don’t think that it ever will be. We know that at the end of the day, riders want performance and durability without the burdens that come with overly complex components.

We focused on these basic needs and came out with a line of chainguides that capitalizes on the collective thoughts provided by the riders who know best. As we continue to grow in these early stages, we also maintain our humble outlook and arm ourselves with the power of observation. We continue to test and tweak our guides in order to provide the mountain bike community with intuitive products that riders can take credit for.

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