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Deity Components

Deity ComponentsMission

Armor against the corporate mentality, deity is a company built by riders for riders! With a lightweight product line designed for punishment, our relentless dedication to infiltrate the masses has created a company that is the reflection of the riders psyche, struggles, and passion. Things have only begun, so…. Welcome to deity and enjoy the ride.

Company Overview

A true 110% rider owned, operated, and funded company that caters to real riders who are looking for a company they can identify with and that will stand by them for the long haul. With a vast lightweight premiere product line that covers the disciplines of dirt jumping, downhill, street, and park, the diversity of deity and our infamous reputation for customer service has made us one of the top companies that you can believe in. We have come a long way since 2004 and our plans are just beginning! Just wait and see…

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