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Dany Bruch qualifies for Round 2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase

Dany Bruch has qualified for Round 2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase. Here’s a quick interview with him from about the event:

Starboard: Congratulations for being one of the 6 surviving Storm Chasers! How was it?
Daniel Bruch:
 It was gnarly… I never expected to have so much wind! This was by far the windiest I have ever sailed in!

Starboard: What were the conditions like? What were you sailing on and why did you chose that setup?
Daniel Bruch:
 It was windy, really windy…There were gusts up to 76 knots…incredible! And waves up to mast and half high! I was sailing on my 3.7 Severne Blade and on the Starboard Quad 74. I knew that the board could handle the chaos as I sailed totally overpowered with my 4.2 on it just a few days before the Storm Chase and it worked awesome. The sail was quite big, but to be honest, when the gusts would hit you, any sail size was too much! I might get a 3.3 for the next mission… Just in case!

Starboard: From Black Box conditions to Storm Chasing conditions, there’s quite a big difference. Which one do you prefer?
Daniel Bruch:
 Hehehe… To be honest, I prefer lighter winds and waves to ride better than conditions were you’re hoping to survive…! But when you have to go for it, you go!

Starboard: How do you train for such conditions? How hard is it to land a simple backloop or forward with this kind of wind?
Daniel Bruch:
 I don’t think there is any special way to train for this except sailing in these kind of conditions. I had lots of windy days in my life with maybe 50 knots and that experience helped for sure. But yeah… a simple high jump was hard to land, so imagine a backy or a forward…!

Click here to see the entire interview and videos of the event on!

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